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I'm a software developer specializing in software architecture and clean code, with extensive experience in corporate software development. Currently in a leadership role within a crucial development team for a prominent company, I excel in various software architecture models, ensuring the creation of robust and efficient systems.My commitment to continuous evolution and learning is evident in my proactive approach to staying abreast of the latest trends and technologies in software development. This commitment translates into the implementation of best practices, ensuring the quality and efficiency of the produced code.

My Work

Hello and welcome to the heart of my creative universe! I'm a game developer, and these projects are like my babies – a mix of fun, challenge, and a bit of sleep deprivation.

Welcome, Azrael

Dystopic/historic police noir about a madman, a briefcase and a watch.


One-on-one stand-up comedy brawler developed for Global Game Jam 2024.


Solve the warehouse challenges!

Winner of São Paulo stage of GameJam+ 2021 (The biggest game jam in Latin America)

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